Content Guide

The Journal typically includes:

Foreword – by a guest writer invited by the Editorial Board

Editorial – a dicussion on a theme and a summary of the journal content written by the editors

'Exchanges: Conversations With...' - interview articles between a high profile academic and an early career researcher that discuss interdisciplinary topics 

Critical  Reflections –  a short discussion of an aspect of research or an account that discusses the key ideas and debates from Warwick's interdisciplinary events 

Interdisciplinary Articles - from all fields

As the journal is targeted at a broad author- and readership of researchers, we encourage authors to develop their work with a cross-disciplinary audience in mind. This requires careful consideration of the terminology and other prior knowledge needed to interpret the content.

Articles will be published on the understanding that it is an original piece of work, although it may be based on a previously published or submitted-for-review article designed for a different, field-specific audience. In other words, an article that has already been submitted to Nature may be considered but only after it has been significantly redeveloped for a non-science audience, not only in language but also in the way it makes connections with a broad spectrum of work. It is the responsibility of authors to check permissions and citation requirements with the original journal. FURTHER INFORMATION ON RIGHTS AND PERMISSIONS IS AVAILABLE HERE.

Authors are encouraged to be selective in their Bibliography and provide a Glossary of Terms where necessary. As an online journal, we have the capacity to include tables, diagrams and links to films, photographs and other websites where appropriate, and we positively encourage authors to consider this when tailoring their work to a broader audience. Please check the STYLE GUIDE before submitting.

We accept submissions from any researcher or group of researchers worldwide. Where possible we encourage early career researchers to be the, or a, lead author in collaborative work with senior peers.