Aims & Scope

Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal (ISSN 2053-9665) is a peer-reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary, online-only journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality work by researchers in all disciplines, especially early career researchers and emerging domain experts. Exchanges also seeks to publish scholarly articles from authors who combine research with academic teaching or other professional employment. The journal is fully open access and does not levy any author fees or subscription charges. The title’s mission is to encourage intellectual exchange and debate across research communities. This is achieved through providing a quality assured platform for publishing articles from all academic areas, including explicitly interdisciplinary-based research, to cross-disciplinary audiences. Exchanges is committed additionally to providing a readily accessible and supportive environment through which both authors and editors can develop superior academic writing and publishing skills. The journal is managed by an Managing Editor-in-Chief based at the University of Warwick, UK, and edited by an international Editorial Board, comprised of early career researchers from Warwick and its global research partners. Exchanges usually publishes two issues annually (spring and autumn), although the EiC may opt to produce additional special themed issues where sufficient material becomes ready. 

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Given the varied range and subjects of articles published in Exchanges, our anticipated readership is considerably broad. It is likely interview and critical review articles are especially valued by doctoral students and early career researchers, given the guidance and insights into research discourse and literature they provide. Ideally, we encourage authors to pitch such articles towards a readership including researchers from across a spectrum of research traditions, but also the more academically minded members of the public. We anticipate the original research articles of various kinds we publish will be of most value to readers draw from the author’s disciplines. However, because of our interdisciplinary approach, we anticipate scholars drawn from closely related subjects would also find these papers accessible.

Selection Policy

A call for papers is released biannually, usually at the same time as each new issue is published. This means that there is typically a 6-month period from submission to publication, which can be a distinct advantage for researchers. However, submissions are accepted throughout the year, and may see publication sooner or later as a result. More information about the journal’s sections and the range of material we accept can be found in the Author Guidance page, along with information on submitting work to the journal.  Additionally, authors are advised to consult Exchanges’ Style Guide, and also may find our Peer Reviewer Guidance worth consulting. Submissions are usually subject to peer-review, and published articles will be made openly available to all readers without the imposition of any fee-based or subscription toll-gate barriers.

Open Access Policy

Exchanges is and has always been a diamond (radical) open access journal title, and does not levy article processing charges or pay-to-access fees on authors or readers respectively. This means it provides immediate free global access to all its articles at the point of publication at no cost to authors or readers. The title fully supports the principle of making research freely available to a global readership of scholars and the public alike, to support an unfettered exchange of original thought and advancement of human knowledge. All articles published from November 2018 onwards are made available under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC-BY), in line with best sectoral practice. Articles published before this date were disseminated under the slightly more restrictive, but still REF compliant, conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license (CC-BY-NC-SA). Please refer to the individual article for the details of which license applies.

Articles published with Exchanges are assigned a unique web address (URI) via the DOI (digital object identification) system, allowing a permanent stable citation link to the paper’s homepage. The journal’s content is backed-up by institutional server systems.

Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts undergo an initial originality review and academic scope screening by the Editorial Board before being considered for peer-review. Exchanges uses a double-blind, editor-mediated and journal facilitated peer-review process. Review text remain the intellectual property of the reviewers and are not publicly disseminated or published. Submissions are typically initially sent to two peer reviewers to gain contrasting submission quality assessments, although more reviewers may be utilised for some works. At the Editor-in Chief’s discretion critical reflections and interviews may not be subject to peer-review but will still undergo a more detailed editorial scrutinising process before acceptance for publication. The title’s more detailed Peer Reviewer Guidelines are made available for consultation by reviewers and authors alike.

Publisher & Funding Policy

Exchanges operates under a patronage funding model, and has been entirely funded and published by the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), University of Warwick, UK, throughout its existence. Contributions in kind from Editorial Board institutions are represented through the immaterial labour contributions of the editorial staff, to whom Exchanges expresses its thanks. The journal satisfies part of the IAS' mission to advance new research ideas through engendering interdisciplinary scholarly discourse and exchange for new scholars, emerging experts and future research leaders. Exchanges is published via the FOSS Open Journal System (OJS) platform, as part of the Warwick Journals collection, and is operationally supported by the university's library service in this regard. Exchanges does not currently accept nor seek further commercial sponsorship or advertisements from third parties. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief for all questions relating to Exchanges publishing, policy and operational activities.


Exchanges and its articles are currently indexed in various online information resources including: 

The Editor-in-Chief welcomes approaches from reputable organisations to further increase the visibility of our contents within their indexes.