The Exchanges Discourse is a companion podcast to the journal, hosted by the Editor-in-Chief. Founded in 2020, the podcast forms part of the journal’s mission to engage in a discourse focussed on publishing experiences of early career researchers. Episodes often feature a guest, drawn from the ranks of our contributing authors or editorial colleagues, although some episodes examining the workings of the journal itself are hosted solely by the Editor-in-Chief.

The podcast is available on multiple platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, along with Anchor.fm. Episodes last on average around 15 minutes. Direct links to individual episodes can be found below.

Season 5 (2024)

1) Biochar, Artificial Pollination & Multispecies Justice: In Conversation with Catherine Price [25:24]
2) Voices of Transnational Girlhood(s) on Identity, Gender, and Culture: In Conversation with Simona Di Martino [22:23]
3) Postdisciplinarity, Ontologies & Futures: In Conversation with Liam Greenacre [12:58]

Season 4 (2023)

1) Creating Critical Reflection Articles: The What, The Why, The How and The Where
2) Considering Conversations: Creating Informal & Informative Academic Discussion Articles
3) Interdisciplinarity & Publishing: A Panel Discussion
4) Presidential History and Digital Pedagogies: In Conversation with Rebecca Stone
5) The Textures of Research: In Conversation with Berilsu Tarcan
6) Environmental Humanities & Transdisciplinary Research: In conversation with Justin Westgate
7) Crossing the Creative Frontier: In Conversation with Sonakshi Srivastava
8) Orwell & Modern Political Speech: In Conversation with Imogen Birkett
9) Across Two Professional Worlds: In Conversation with Intissar Haddiya
10) Sustainability, Batteries & Pringle Cans: In Conversation with Jean Marshall
11) ChatGPT, Reviewers from Hell & Linguistic Challenges: In Conversation with Beth Montague-Hellen
12) Conceptual Association, Advertising & Hydropathy: In Conversation with Constance de Silva
13) Queerness as Strength: Getting Involved & Contributing

Season 3 (2022)

1) In Conversation with Mehdi Moharami
2) In Conversation with Elloit Cardozo
3) In Conversation with Huayi Huang
4) In Conversation with Monica Mastrantonio
5) What Do I Get Out of Publishing with Exchanges?
6) In Conversation with Jon Braddy
7) In Conversation with Francesca Brunetti
8) In Conversation with Natalia Rumak
9) In Conversation with Alena Cicholewski
10) In Conversation with Sharon Coleclough
11) In Conversation with Kwasu Tembo
12) So, What Makes a Good Peer Reviewer?
13) In Conversation with Harriet Richmond
14) In Conversation with Simon Varwell: Citizen Participation & Partnerships
15) In Conversation Again with Huayi Huang: Realism & Epistemologies
16) In Conversation with Pavel Fedotov: Five Forces
17) In Conversation with Colin Hutchinson: The Social Novel & Anita Mason

Season 2 (2021)

1) The Cultural Representations of Nerds – in Conversation with Dr Filippo Cervelli & Dr Ben Schaper
2) The Associate Editor Experience
3) A Conversation with…Doro Wiese
4) A Conversation with…Urmee Chakma
5) A Conversation with…Mark Readman
6) Introducing Volume 8.3 of Exchanges
7) A Conversation with...M Onat Topal
8) 6 (or so) Ways to Get Involved with Exchanges
9) A Conversation with...Rob Horsfield
10) Introducing Volume 8.4 of Exchanges
11) Everyone's Talkin' At Me: Growing Your Own Podcast
12) A Conversation with...Catherine Price

Season 1 (2020)

1) Introducing the Exchanges Journal
2) For Our Consideration
3) Having your Manuscript Declined and How to Avoid It
4) Art Students Then & Now
5) Reflections on: Exchanges Volume 7 Issue 3
6) Do you want to build a special issue?
7) A Conversation with…Dr Ioana Vrabiescu
8) A Spoken Abstract from…Dr Mairi Gkikaki
9) Reflections on: Exchanges Volume 8 Issue 1
10) A Conversation with…Dr Julia Gauly
11) A Conversation with…Dr Isabelle Heyerick

Our thanks to all guests past and present for their time talking with us on the podcast. Suggestions for guests or topics for future episodes are warmly welcomed.