Creative Research Methods - a reflective online discussion

  • Ruth Leary University of Warwick
  • Chris Bilton University of Warwick
  • Hannah Grainger Clemson University of Warwick
  • Nike Jung University of Warwick
  • Rob O'Toole University of Warwick
  • Steve Ranford Academic Technology, ITS, University of Warwick
Keywords: creativity, research methods, play, technology


In November 2013, the Institute of Advanced Studies (University of Warwick) hosted a meeting of interdisciplinary colleagues interested in Creative Research Methods. The aspirations were to kick-start the debate at Warwick and create a platform from which researchers can develop projects that embrace new forms of intellectual enquiry and knowledge production. Following the meeting, several of the attendees agreed to develop some of the discussion points and briefly responded to a number of questions in an online document over a period of a few weeks. This paper is the result of that real space and online collaboration.


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