Call for Papers (Open, No Deadline, All Topics)


Call for Papers (Open, No Deadline, All Topics)

Exchanges invites original, unpublished, manuscript contributions from early career or established researcher, practitioners and independent scholars based within any discipline or global location, which fulfil our standard article format requirements.

For the past decade Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal (ISSN 2053-9665) has welcomed manuscript submissions throughout the year on any topic, theme or discipline of potential interest to our readers. Our aim is to provide our readership with diverse articles from across the disciplinary spectrum, and hence will consider material drawn from all fields. While Exchanges is based at the University of Warwick, submissions are open to authors worldwide. Additionally, as part of Exchanges  mission is to support the development and dissemination of research by early career researchers, we are especially interested in papers by emerging scholars, early career researchers or first-time authors. We are also delighted to consider work from authors in under-represented regions or disciplinary domains. However, contributions from more established or senior scholars are also welcomed.

This open submission call is in addition to our themed or special issue calls.

Scope & Authorship

Exchanges has an expressly multidisciplinary, global academic readership with particular interests in publications which encompass or straddle disciplinary boundaries. Nevertheless, while Exchanges is an interdisciplinary journal, we define this as presenting a cross-disciplinary range of published works. Hence, author manuscripts drawing directly or indirectly on interdisciplinary methods, methodologies, praxis and thinking are warmly welcome, this is not a pre-requisite. Consequently, author manuscripts addressing any topic, written in a manner suitable for a broad, scholarly, academic audience will be likely suitable for consideration in our pages. Prospective authors may wish to review our previously published issue archive for an appreciation of the diversity of topics appearing within our pages, or to contact us to discuss their ideas.

Potential and first-time authors are encouraged to review our Author Guidance ahead of any submission to aid in the creation of a suitable manuscript.

Manuscript Format Requirements

Original, previously unpublished, manuscript contributions, which fulfil our standard article format requirements, will be considered by the Board. However, to aid in facilitating a breadth of scholarly publications and author styles, Exchanges currently considers manuscript submissions in a variety of article formats. Principally these are:

  • Research Articles: 4,000-6,000 words (peer reviewed)
  • Review Articles: 3,000-6,000 words (peer reviewed)
  • Critical Reflections: 1,000-4,000 words (editorially reviewed)
  • Conversations: 1,500-3,500 words (editorially reviewed)
  • Book Reviews: 1,000-2,500 words (editorially reviewed)

Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to consider, accommodate and tailor manuscripts to addresses a broad, rather than a strictly disciplinary audience. Especially within critical reflections, conversations and book reviews authors should strive to highlight the importance of any disciplinary discourse to the global academy, society or public sphere. Likewise, clarification of niche terminology, concepts or trends is appreciated by our readers.

For further details on these formats please see our Author Guidelines or contact the Editor-in-Chief. Authors considering submitting a critical reflection, conversation or book review article, are encouraged to discuss the proposed content prior to submission. Similarly, authors wishing us to consider manuscripts which do not adhere to these formatting requirements, should consult the Editor-in-Chief ahead of any submission.

Open Access & Author Rights

Exchanges is a non-fee charging (diamond/platinum) open access journal, and hence there are no author publication charges to be paid. All articles are made freely available at the point of publication to all readers. Additionally, articles are published under a Creative Commons attribution (CC-BY) licence with authors retaining copyright over their work, permitting. [2]

Acceptance Rates

Exchanges publishes on average 12-16 articles annually and our current manuscript acceptance for publication rate is 64%.[3] The remaining 36% of manuscripts were declined from consideration:

  • 18% for not meeting base submission or quality requirements (desk decline)
  • 18% following editorial or peer-review recommendations (review decline).

Authors whose work is declined are normally provided with outline guidance on steps to resubmission, or recommendations to seek alternative publication destinations.

Deadlines & Consultation

There is no submission deadline: suitable manuscripts are accepted for consideration throughout the year. Manuscripts passing our review and revision requirements will typically be published in the next available regular journal issue - typically published in late April and October. Authors seeking publication by a specific date, are advised to consult the Chief Editor ahead of submission.

Additionally, the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board members invite approaches from potential authors to discuss any proposed articles ahead of submission. While they will be able to advise on its potential suitability for publication with Exchanges, they regretfully cannot provide substantive feedback.

Further Information

For all other matters or advice, please contact the Chief Editor (Dr Gareth J Johnson) at:



[1] All submissions must go through this portal, so that authors can agree to our publication licence terms. New authors will need to register an account to submit. Returning authors will need to login. Guidance on resetting forgotten passwords is provided.

[2] This ensures compliance with the UKRI, as well as most national and international funders requirements for open access publication for work emerging from their research funding and grants.

[3] As of June 2024 we have published 167 articles across 27 individual issues of the journal. Acceptance rates are based on the past 12 months, to June 2024 of all submitted manuscripts during this time. Historically, since its inception Exchanges has published 52% of all submitted manuscripts.