Translation and Modernism: Mapping the Relationship

  • Joanna Rzepa Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick


The ‘Translation and Modernism: Twentieth-Century Crises and Traumas’ conference hosted at the University of Warwick on 22–23 January 2016 explored new research pathways in the emerging interdisciplinary field of modernism and translation. It brought together leading academics, early career researchers, and postgraduate students working in translation studies, comparative literature, modernist studies, English studies, and modern languages. The conference participants engaged in a lively interdisciplinary dialogue, considering new research questions and sharing recent methodological developments. The papers presented at the conference shed new light on the key role of translation in twentieth-century literary culture. The three main themes discussed at the conference addressed the modernist re-evaluation of translation as a compositional technique, the idea of translation as a form of cultural memory transmission, and the ways in which translation was theorised by twentieth-century authors, translators, and philosophers.


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modernist studies, translation studies, comparative literature, twentieth century, cultural memory