Approaches to Sustainability Conference, 28th June 2013


  • Marco Cinelli
  • Pedro E Lima Florencio
  • Ian Hancox
  • Yvonne Reddick University of Warwick
  • Kenneth Uzoechi
  • Marco Cinelli University of Warwick
  • Pedro Florencio University of Warwick
  • Ian Hancox University of Warwick
  • Yvonne Reddick University of Warwick
  • Kenneth Uzoechi University of Warwick



‘Approaches to Sustainability’ was part of a project of the same name, and was organised as part of the programme of events for the Environmental Studies Research Network. The network intends to bridge gaps between disciplines in the field and to explore the synergies of the work taking place in different areas of the University of Warwick and beyond by creating a central hub for all the issues that surround sustainability. The intention is to allow researchers to communicate and collaborate across disciplines, to gain a broader knowledge of work related to their own. We feel that the rich diversity of research carried out at the University of Warwick can and should act as a catalyst for exciting ideas that address the complex problems of sustainability. This account shares some of the main ideas and discussion points arising from the network’s conference in June 2013.

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