Reflections on an artistic response to site and community at The University of Warwick


  • Madeleine Snowdon History of Art, University of Warwick, Coventry



art, space, psychogeography, architecture, built environment, community


Afterimages is a series of artwork I developed after becoming involved in the Then & Now: Arts at Warwick project from initial exploration of the Modern Record Centre’s archive. The construction of the new Faculty of the Arts building is the central focus for my work, which is interested in the impact that communities have on their spaces and vice versa. This article aims to discuss and analyse the concepts presented in Afterimages and the process of creating the work. This includes the methodological influences of psychogeography, the architectural theories of Léon Krier, and the contextualisation of the work amid the global pandemic. Following the events of the past six months, much of the student experience of Warwick has moved online. In light of this, this article also seeks to reflect upon how this shift in community has impacted elements of the artwork and its investigation into the built environment. 


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Afterimage 1: A composite image of a university building's foundations being constructed