Reflections on ‘Then & Now’

Arts and cultural management and the shortcomings of student-led research projects


  • Elena Ruikyte Darni socialinė raida, Vilnius, Lithuania



arts management, cultural management, project management, student co-creation


This article provides a student reflection on the management process of a student-led research project entitled Then & Now: Arts at Warwick. The project sought to document the history of the Arts Faculty at Warwick University and communicate it to the wider community. It was an interdisciplinary and collaborative co-creation project that brought together undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the Arts Faculty. Setting and aiming the goals of the project activities, managing teamwork and research processes, and planning and implementing the public engagement strategy in the unprecedented times of the Coronavirus pandemic were challenging and rewarding experiences. The article, framed by scholarly perspectives, summarises the key aspects of the project management process by discussing and analysing the role of an arts and cultural manager. The Then & Now project provided an opportunity to reflect on the significance of the profession while developing and learning new online-based project management practices.


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Three students gathered around laptops, in a park