End of the Line

The unpublished novels of Anita Mason


  • Colin Hutchinson Independant Scholar




Anita Mason, contemporary fiction, British fiction, dystopian novel, ecological fiction, political novel


Anita Mason was a Booker Prize-nominated novelist who taught Creative Writing at the University of Warwick from 2007 until 2009. At the time of her death in September 2020, she left behind three unpublished short novels that provide a powerful, if disturbing, coda to the main body of her work. The novels are typical of Mason in that their settings are diverse: Chuichui is set in Haiti; Suppose in contemporary Israel; and Andromeda in a dystopian south-west England. Thematically, their concerns are contemporary and seem equally varied: political violence and corruption in Chuichui; the falsifying of history and culture in Suppose; and the consequences of the abuse of the natural world in Andromeda. This article contends, however, that beyond this diversity these works share deeper concerns that indicate a darker authorial outlook than that suggested by Mason’s published work, and that amount to a crisis of faith in artistic representation and even in human civilisation itself.


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