In-between Spaces: Thematic Call for Papers


For the Spring 2020 issue, Exchanges particularly welcomes submissions which will contribute to a themed section on in-between spaces. As scholars we are often focussed directly upon examining and understanding specific objects, cultures, properties or thinking. Yet, there is also incredible value in considering what lies between, outside or around our subject focus.

What surrounds us, can often define, shape, or influence; in all manner of unexpected and revelatory ways. From liminal spaces providing places of transition between what was and what will be, through marginalia, paradata and metadata to vacuums (false or otherwise) or negative-space; that which encloses often provides access to unique and often overlooked revelations as much as our normative focuses of attention.

Hence, we are invite authors to submit original, exciting, insightful research-based articles addressing some aspect of in-between spaces: however you or your disciplinary traditions conceptualise them. Exchanges especially welcomes articles tackling this topic by multiple authors with contrasting positions or from disparate fields.

Submission deadline: Friday 1st November 2019


For details on how to submit, along with our guidelines to authors see: