Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit an article?

You can submit an article at any time of the year, although if you are submitting in response to a themed call for papers you will need to take account of the specific deadline.

Who can I talk to about a potential article?

How long does it take to publish with Exchanges?

Like all peer-reviewed journals, varies depending on a number of human related factors including: your submission’s quality, ease of locating and responsiveness of peer reviewers, the author’s rapidity in accommodating revision and copyediting requests along with where the finalised article falls within our publication schedule. Typically, this process may take up to 6 months to complete, but may take longer if the peer review, revision and copyediting processes are lengthy, or the item has been submitted for a special or themed issue. Conversely, it can also take much less time. Notably, where authors respond promptly to editorial queries or requests, this can significantly enhance the speed to publication.

If my article has been declined for publication, can I resubmit a revised version?

Yes, although you must have taken steps to address any issues the Editorial feedback highlighted with the original piece, especially with respect to satisfying our submission criteria. Note, resubmitted articles will still be subject to further editorial and potentially peer review, and consequently may be declined as with all submissions under consideration.

How do I become a reviewer for Exchanges?

Where can I find out more about Exchanges?

This journal site, along with the Institute of Advanced Study’s pages provide further information, but you may also find the Editorial blog and twitter feed of interest as they cover ongoing developments with the title. You can also contact any member of the Editorial Board directly.

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