Call for Papers (Open, Ongoing)


Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal welcomes submissions throughout the year on any subject, with no deadline. Articles which are accepted will be subsequently published in the next available issue of the journal. This open call for papers is in addition to our frequent themed and special issue calls. We therefore invite original, unpublished, manuscript contributions from researchers or practitioners based within any discipline, working anywhere globally, which fulfil our standard article format requirements.

There is no deadline for submissions.

We are happy to consider research focussed or review articles which will undergo peer-review. We also welcome submissions of interviews with key scholars or critical reflections on important scholarly events, conferences or crucial new texts, which undergo internal (editorial review) scrutiny only. More information on all of these article formats requirements are available in our author guidelines. Likewise, the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board members are always happy to explore article ideas further with potential authors.


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Early Career Researchers

As Exchanges has a core mission to support the development and dissemination of research by early career and post-graduate researchers, we are especially pleased to receive manuscripts from emerging scholars or first-time authors.


Exchanges has an expressly multidisciplinary, global and largely academic readership, and as such, have strong interests in work which encompasses or straddles disciplinary boundaries. Manuscripts providing an introduction, overview or useful entry point to key disciplinary trends, discovery and discourse are often among the most frequently accessed publications in the journal.

Therefore, prospective authors are strongly encouraged to consider tailoring their manuscripts, narrative, thought and analysis in a mode which addresses this broad audience. For interviews and critical reflections, authors are especially advised to highlight the importance of disciplinary discourse or interviewees’ scholarly contributions to the global academy, society and the public at large.