Call for Papers (themed): Challenge & Opportunity


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As we enter into the third decade of the 21st Century, there are few people on the planet today who are not experiencing a period of unprecedented and inescapable change, uncertainty and challenge. The impacts from the Covid-19 outbreak on health, working and living conditions alone will likely dominate our individual lifeworlds for decades to come. Even leaving aside the unexpected consequences from confronting the pandemic, the world stands at a crossroads in so many other domains: seismic shifts in geopolitical conditions, climatic changes, economic turmoil, pervasive technology and splintering social life experiences are clearly evidenced globally. From black lives matters to presidential elections, through the emergence of artificial intelligence and recognising environmental tipping points to confronting systematic inequalities. We are, as the aphorism suggests, seemingly cursed to live in the most interesting of times.

However, are such bleak analyses constructed in a simplistic and reductionist way, simply confronting anxieties driven through media and public sphere’s obsession with spotlighting the negative? Is there a more positive lens through which they can be viewed? Could these emergent crises actually represent challenges to be overcome or even present us with a glimmering dawn of unprecedented opportunity and renewal? Rather than starting into the eternal abyss, could the human race indeed be about to embark, embrace and engage with revolutionary opportunities for betterment? Albeit, potentially framed in pain of rebirth and renewal. Alternatively, are we witness to a sea-change which empowers counters to the ideals of enlightened liberal democracies freedom of thought and expression which have been largely axiomatic in recent decades?

Manuscript Submissions

Hence, for the issue of Exchanges scheduled for publication in Spring 2021, we invite authors to submit original, exciting, insightful manuscripts for publication consideration inspired by this Challenge and Opportunity theme from within their own research or field. Authors are encouraged to consider contributing pieces which address any aspect, perspective, development or individuals related to this theme. Manuscript submissions as potential peer-reviewed research articles, or alternatively as critical reflection or conversation pieces, would all be welcomed under this call.

While submissions are invited from all disciplinary perspectives, we would be especially pleased to receive manuscripts from previously under-represented fields or geographic regions within Exchanges. As an interdisciplinary journal with a wide scholarly readership, authors should seek to write their manuscripts so as to be suitable for a general academic audience. Wherever possible, consideration should be given to unpack, delineate and expand on any potentially ‘disciplinary niche’ language, terms or acronyms used. Ideally, authors should seek to incorporate some element of interdisciplinary thinking or perspectives, or outline the broader scholarly relevance of their work, within the manuscript.


All submitted manuscripts will undergo editorial review, with those seeking publication as a research article also undergoing formal peer review. The online form should be used to make manuscript submissions

> Peer-reviewed articles: 1st Nov 2020

> Conversations or critical reflections: 28th February 2021.

For more information on Exchanges and our activities, visit the journal’s website. For questions relating to this call, future submissions or other matters relating to the title please contact Editor-in-Chief, Dr Gareth J Johnson.