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Peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality interdisciplinary work by researchers in all disciplines, including  early career researchers, those combining research with academic teaching or other professional employment. The journal welcomes articles from all academic areas in order to encourage intellectual exchange and debate across research communities.

The journal is Open Access and without a fee, and is published in October and April each year.

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Call for Papers Vol 4(2), April 2017

We are inviting high-quality interdisciplinary submissions from researchers at all stages of their careers in all academic fields.

For the April 2017 edition of the journal, we particularly welcome submissions which will contribute to a themed section on ‘Collaboration’. Collaboration is essential to research within and across many disciplines. To tackle global issues and make a positive impact on society, researchers form networks not only with each other but also with a wide range of organisations at national and international level to share expertise and resources (funding, specialised equipment, etc.) and to generate and analyse large amount of data. Despite the many opportunities it affords, collaborative work can sometimes be problematic. Exchanges reflects on the promises, achievements, and pitfalls of collaboration and how some of the shortcomings and issues arising from it can be overcome.

Submissions which do not engage with the theme ‘Collaboration’ are also welcome.

We publish a variety of content:

           Conversation (3-5,000 words)

  • Interviews with leading academics

    Articles (5-6,000 words)

  • Research articles

    Review Articles (3-5,000 words)

  • Literature reviews

    Critical Reflection (1-3,000 words)

  • Reflection on a conference, symposium or workshop

  • Shorter, focused discussion of emerging research

  • Highlights of important research in your field and its significance

  • Book reviews

Please submit online by 30 November 2016.  If you have any queries, please email the Senior Editor, Yuexi Liu, at


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Call for Papers vol 4(2), April 2017

We are now inviting submissions to the April 2017 edition of Exchanges. Please submit by 30 November 2016. There will be a themed section on 'Collaboration'. Submissions which do not engage with the theme are also welcome.  
Posted: 2016-09-08
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